YouthBuild KCK Model Block Pavilion

A community-based educational and social asset in a revitalizing neighborhood

Darius Mathis, Hannah Nehmer, Erin Ott, Eric Perchiazzi, Emma VandeWater
Nils Gore
Arch 509
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YouthBuild is a national organization focused on providing low-income 16-24 year olds with the tools needed for success. According to their webpage, “the YouthBuild program provides these tools by unleashing the positive energy of low-income young people to rebuild their communities and their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty with a commitment to work, education, community, and family.” YouthBuild KCK is an affiliate of the United Way of Wyandotte County. Those enrolled in the program, “Trainees,” work full-time for 9-12 months towards their GED or high school diploma while learning construction and job skills. For this project, YouthBuild Trainees will offer their construction and technical skills by building various homes in the Model Block Neighborhood. They will also be partnering with University of Kansas Architecture students, by building the demonstration site pavilion based on the design and drawings provided by KU students.