Third Year Studio Projects

ARCH 508 Material and Tectonics

This design studio places major emphasis on studies in urban spaces and design development of building envelopes as related to urban public-life, structural and mechanical systems, and principles of sustainability. Students work individually on an advanced building design and focus on medium scale, multi-story, urban-infill, buildings developed to an appropriate level of technical resolution. Students demonstrate an understanding of formal ordering and building-concept development as related to the tectonic form determinants.

ARCH 509 Designbuild

This design studio places major emphasis on materiality and construction of built assemblies through hands-on activities. Development of craft, process, collaboration and technical documentation skills will be primary objectives of the course.

YouthBuild KCK Model Block Pavilion

A community-based educational and social asset in a revitalizing neighborhood
Arch 509
Darius Mathis, Hannah Nehmer, Erin Ott, Eric Perchiazzi, Emma VandeWater
Nils Gore
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