October, 1918. Construction of Student Army Training Corps (SATC) barracks along Jayhawk Boulevard on the KU campus. Marvin Hall, home of the School of Architecture and Design, can be seen in the background. Shortly after this picture was taken the influenza epidemic arrived in Lawrence. In the SATC barracks, where servicemen were living in very close quarters, the disease spread rapidly, and KU responded by quarantining students on campus. By the time the epidemic subsided and the university re-opened five weeks later, on November 11th, it was estimated that there had been as many as 1,000 cases of flu on campus. Twenty-two students and ten members of the SATC had died. Student enrollment was approximately 4,000 at the time. Source: KU Spencer Research Library

Our students excelled this spring during the rapid online transition. We teach and practice adaptive design and our students were able to create high quality work during this semester. Here you’ll see what some of our students have created while working remotely in design studios and other courses since the start of the coronavirus.

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Second Year Design Studio

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Final Year Design Studio

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